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Articles & Blog Posts

Articles & Blog Posts

Data Protection Matters

The still quite “young” data protection laws have raised a number of questions and doubts in companies. Lots of uncertainty prevails, for example on...

CD-ROM How It Stores Data

Data CD's and DVD's are everywhere these days. Whether they are used to hold music, data or computer software, they have become the standard...

10 Rules For Writing Cross Platform Code

The Target Platforms: 1) Microsoft Windows, 2) Apple Macintosh, and 3) Linux. The concepts listed here apply to all platforms, but the three most...

Over optimization penalty

Google has been working on a new over optimization penalty that targets site’s that overly optimize for search engines. The head of Google’s web...

Being successful in life

Being successful means not being afraid to challenge the norm. Being willing to take a chance. Asking why and making your own track, not just following...

Wireless Power

Even the smallest Internet-connected devices typically need a battery or power cord. This can be overcome with using wireless power. Technology that lets gadgets work...
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