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Articles & Blog Posts

Articles & Blog Posts

Preventing Software Piracy

Preventing software piracy, is the end goal that is achievable? Even native code can be De-compiled or cracked. The multitude of warez available online...

Windows Password Reset

Change your windows password in Under 5 Minutes. No Software Needed. Easy to follow instructions Remember to always get permission from the rightful owner before attempting any...

Welcome Message When User Logs In

Have you ever wondered how computers in movies play a custom welcome message or by calling out their names when they log in? I...

Interesting computer facts

Next time you complain about the pitiful memory capacity of your old 8GB iPod Touch, it's worth remember what makes up eight whole gigabytes....

Open source secrets to making money Part 2 of 2

When Google launched its Android OS, Apple's iPhone controlled an overwhelming amount of the smartphone market. Giving Android away as an open source platform...

File System explanation and usage

In computing, a file system (or filesystem) is used to control how data is stored and retrieved. Without a file system, information placed in...
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